Educate a Child, Empower a Community

Our Mission


The Pika Foundation provides a variety of supplies and services to support education efforts in developing countries.   Such support includes providing the following:

  • Required school uniforms
  • Education supplies
  • Shoes, clothes, and other supplies for school extra-curricular activities
  • Mandatory secondary school boarding costs
  • School/Training fees
  • Safe housing and food, when necessary

​​​​Ourmission is two fold:  (1) to support the basic education of children in developing countries and (2) to support education efforts on climate change and related adaptation and mitigation efforts.  While these two goals may seem unrelated, they are in fact integrally tied together.  Education is the foundation for advancement in most societies and in developing countries it is of even greater importance.  Without an education, it is difficult if not impossible for a child to escape poverty and to improve the fortunes of both previous and future generations.  Educating the next generation not only changes the future of the children directly but it empowers entire communities. 

But these same children face a very uncertain future in a country threatened by climate change.  It is developing countries that are on the front line of many of the first effects of climate change but they lack the resources of developing countries to educate their people and adapt to the rapid changes threatening their future. 

Our goal is to help as many children as possible to have access to education and then to ensure that they live in an environment in which they can not just survive, but thrive.

Please visit our Projects pages to learn more about the work we do and the communities we help.